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Metal working courses

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The day is fully hands on and as well as learning the basic principles of blacksmithing, you will make up to three items to take home with you. Add my course s Log in Photography by Williams and Welsby..

Metal courses - Craft Courses - Craft courses and workshops across the UK

Paper arts and crafts. Spend a day with Chris, a qualified Blacksmith, in his Worcestershire workshop. Firebird forge is located in the heart of one of the oldest private estates in the south east and to the back of the forge is the woods where the stories of were set The Hundred Acre Wood. Traditional woodland crafts and green woodworking. Once the fires are lit and the health and safety chat out of the way we will get straight down to the business of hammering some hot steel.

Metal courses - Craft Courses - Craft courses and workshops across the UK

Forget the idea of blacksmithing being big, sweaty men beating lumps of hot steel with large hammers. Paper arts and crafts. Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School - East Sussex. The first project is the snail key ring and after that, students will get the chance to make a... One day one to one blacksmith course - West Sussex. Come and learn the ancient art of the blacksmith Our forge is set high on the Wye downs in an area of outstanding natural beauty..... Beginners PMC Silver Clay - Set Designs - Shropshire. Blacksmithing taster day courses in Yorkshire and the North East - North Yorkshire. Our museums display iron and bronze age jewellery, simple coins, swords, knives, armour and an abundance of farming and industrial implements. Metal can be heavy and strong for the resilient barricades or hefty locks and bolts of castles and prisons or feathery light and dainty for elegant jewellery and fine adornment. Our preferred suppliers for Metal Courses are...

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