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Social work course

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Here you will be supervised by a qualified and experienced social worker and will work towards developing the skills required for professional practice. If you do not possess your original certificates, we recommend making arrangements to obtain copies in preparation should you be invited to a selection day. Placements are arranged in settings such as child and family welfare teams, hospital social work departments, child and family centres, probation service and community development projects.

Social Work Diploma

Academic learning is designed and delivered to support your practical social work skills and enable you to develop your professional practice. The delivery of this course can vary between campuses. Understand the cycle of violence and its impact on families and communities. Why study social work?

Social studies (social work) - Courses - Trinity College Dublin

It provides you with quality learning and training on professional placements. Consider power and equity in relation to oppression, and apply models of intervention and strategies for change to diverse communities. The degree offers a unique opportunity for people who are already employed in a social care context to build on their experience towards a professional qualification in social work. Examine in-depth two common abuse situations in contemporary family contexts: violence and addictions.

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Mass media research paper
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